Facebook Marketing for Travel

At a recent Regional Tourism meeting, the speaker, Amber Thomas with Engage, shared some astounding statistics.  No doubt there is a decided movement from Internet static links to an Internet of linked people.  According to Thomas, in January 2010 there were 400 plus Million Facebook users!  If Facebook users were a country, they would be the third largest after China and India!  Facebook users spend a minimum of 55 minutes a day online and have an average of 130 Facebook friends.  Users, categorized by age from 13 to 17 years and to 35 plus years, are pretty evenly divided.

Content posted on weekends is shared more often than content posted during the week, according to findings from social media marketing scientist Dan Zarrella. That’s in part, he points out, because many workplaces block Facebook and most user activity takes place from home.

It’s important to remember that your organization’s Facebook entries are a reflection of your brand.  Check out the  “Georgia Made, Georgia Grown”, “Georgia Music Hall of Fame” and “Little White House” Facebook sites for good examples of branding.  Facebook can be easily used to stay in touch with your customers and particularly to reach out to new ones!  Corporate use is dominated by retail first and travel and leisure second.

It’s free and so, so easy!  For smaller DMO’s with even smaller budgets, go for it!  If you are technologically disadvantaged, get your teenager to log you on and create a template for you.