Strong Southern Women

Having been reared in a generation where young lasses only aspired to being teachers, nurses, secretaries or “stewardnesses”, I especially appreciate the modern Southern women professional with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work. These Steel Magnolias are mistakenly described as “sweet” because of their gracious manner; but that belies an ever-present determination, independence, and self confidence. My observations are prompted by the loss of Madison Georgia’s first lady of Tourism, Marguerite Copeland. This energetic tourism professional understood the value of  partnering with regional tourism entities and was singularly proficient in inspiring travel writers to generate stories in publications equating to thousands of dollars of paid advertising equivalence for Historic Downtown Madison.
In addition to this incredible woman, Georgia Tourism has also been blessed with the early brilliant leadership of Hanna Ledford, the now creative leadership of Lake Lanier’s Stacey Dickson, and the organizational skills of Kingsland’s Tonya Rosado. “Sweet”? I think not! Gracious, smart, focused, and assured, “YES”!