Signs of the Times?

As I was driving through a section of I-75 recently, the actual numbers of billboards assaulted the senses!   Even more disconcerting were the numbers of EMPTY billboards!    I counted 77 empty boards in the space of 50 miles.   Why?  I wondered if this scene were indicative of the economic downturn, an example of supply and demand or the plethora of other alternatives to advertising like social media.

Billboards along the interstate are most definitely not an inexpensive advertising choice, plus billboard results are almost impossible to “track”.   But so many empty billboards could possibly offer opportunities for better deals:

Short Term Use:

“If I buy the paper and pay the labor, would you give us a Board to advertise our up-coming Festival?”

Multiple Boards:

Oh how I long for the simple, but so effective Burma Shave signs!   Buy billboards in a row and give those your 1950’s “Burma Shave-Like” messages.  Well, just wishin’!